A hat isn’t just another accessory – It’s a mood, an image, a state of mind. It’s a message from you to the world. It can put your whole outfit together and can express your true personality. All experts agree that any person can wear a hat if it’s the right one for their individual needs.

Hat care

At first, hats may seem expensive but with proper care and cleaning they will last for many years. If you own a fur felt hat always wipe the dust off with a stiff brush, stroking in a clockwise direction. Always store your hat on a hat rack or upside-down on its crown.

  • Never rest your hat on its brim.
  • Never throw your hat on the rear ledge of your car as it will fade and lose shape.
When it comes time to clean your hat or replace the band, take it to an accredited drycleaner who specialises in hat cleaning. At Atlas Dry Cleaners, we have a comprehensive range of services for all felt hats.

The benefits of cleaning your hat are evident in the before and after image below. 

Hat-Before and After
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