What are the benefits of Dry Cleaning your clothes?

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  1. Dry Cleaning began in Australia in 1913 and has since proven to be the best method of garment cleaning.
  2. Dirt and grit in your clothes act as an abrasive on the fibres in your garments. So by Dry Cleaning, your clothes last longer and you are protecting your treasure apparel.
  3. Colour and Brightness. Dry Cleaning protects your garments colour, brightness and softness as well as being gentler than other cleaning methods.
  4. Convenient and Inexpensive. Washing and ironing is a household chore nobody wants. Time is money. Dry Cleaning is a valuable service which allows you more time to pursue all those more important things in life.
  5. Dry Cleaning avoids shrinkage; the number one destroyer of good garments.
  6. Your clothing is an expression of your personality. When you look good, you feel good and consequently are more confident.

Look Clean. Feel Clean. Dry Clean.

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